A Superhero, Unleashed

I thought I was the “perfect” wife and mother living my sleepy suburban life. Then, life happened. It was happening to the rest of the world, too: while I was going through a total collapse, the #metoo movement was soaring and the political environment was changing drastically. So I moved to Los Angeles and went on a soul-searching, life-reassessing, reclaiming–everything-including-my-sexuality-and-womanhood journey for a few years.

But first, let me take you for a ride…

Growing up, my father was a street photographer. That meant we always had a makeshift darkroom wherever we lived in France. As a kid, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I tried my hand at different crafts and studied photography seriously after I settled in California and had my daughter. I shared my visions of the world through photographs, but I couldn’t engage in a conversation with the viewers. Then, everything changed: I discovered the field of artist’s books.

Now, I create spaces to tell visual stories that readers experience by themselves. Every project explores a unique question: Is it possible to make a book that once in somebody’s hands feels like water? How to invent a structure that gives a sense of riding on a train including the sound of the wheels on the rails? My books found their way into museums, private and public special collections all over the world. I mastered the art of taking readers on a journey of their own through my stories.

Because our brains are wired for human connection. 

While searching for my new identity, I went through a phase of wide-range experimentations. I came to L.A. to find my tribe and fight for social justice and gender equality.

All the while I kept asking myself: How can I tell stories that will empower people to be who they are? I was looking for an art form that could serve as a kind of armor: both a personal talisman and a conversation starter at the same time.

Then, I landed on Earth 1…

I decided to learn 3D modeling and met Luis Ruiz a 3D designer and once-in-a-lifetime, out-of-the-box genius. He helped me redefine my skills and visions, sharing his love for comic books, horror movies and highly sexualized animations along the way. It proved an interesting complement to my French fine art background. I was overwhelmed by the constant flow of new ideas and learning a new 3D program was frustrating.

Soon enough, it became obvious that wearable art was what I’d been looking for. Specifically stylized custom jewelry that people could wear to connect with others, feel good about themselves, and take on the world. But the learning curve was steep, and Luis was pushing me to reduce the gap between ideation and production. Our collaboration sparked a whole new language for us to use, and often involved Luis bringing me back down from earth 7 (the planet of ideas) to earth 1 (the planet of action).

Out of Chaos Emerged a New Wonder Woman…

Inspired by comic books, I regained my superpowers and found a way to make a better world using the weapons I knew best: art and design. Using these hand-crafted, made-to-order pieces, I am on a mission to find my tribe and connect with as many people I can to help them feel self-confident, show their uniqueness, express their individuality and values. I like our pieces to be a statement that can be integrated into the wearer self-expression.

Next time I’ll take you to Earth 7. Get ready!

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