Making objects that tell a story is a passionate process. When Bazooka Grooves founder Amandine Nabarra started collaborating with artist and designer Luis Ruiz in 2018, their shared passion turned into a fully-fledged business.

Luis took his inspiration from comic books, giallo film, erotica, and horror. Amandine’s fine art background helped her create 3D-printed pieces with a rich inner life.

Together, they found a way to create original, sustainably-made kinetic pieces of jewelry and statement pieces for all genders. 

The result is Bazooka Grooves, an LA-based jewelry brand for the rebellious and empowered.

When you put on one of our wearable art pieces, you’re carrying a story on your body. It’s something that other people can recognize when you’re walking down the street. It’s also about feeling like the best version of yourself: sensual, chic, seductive, and powerfully feminine. 

Made for people of all genders, races, and sizes, Bazooka Grooves’ collections explore the richness, beauty, and weirdness of our experience on earth.

It’s also about finding your own way to tell your story. When you wear one of our pieces, you’re expressing something real about yourself. You’re showing the world that you’re powerful, unstoppable, and totally yourself. It’s a unique statement of who you are that no one can challenge.

Jewelry is a symbol you can wear around your neck or on your wrist: something that tells you, and the people you meet, that you’re not a passive participant. You’re here to live life, fight hard, and make art. You’re here to thrive and help others do the same. You’re here to make a difference by being who you are.

Be passionate. Be rebellious. Be you. 

Meet the Founder

Amandine Nabarra, Founder of Bazooka Grooves

Who are you? We demand answers! I am a designer, photographer and creator of artists’ books. I was born in France but I’ve lived in California for years. 

What is your passion? To create visual stories and take the viewer on a journey that will mix my personal vision with their lived experience. 

What do you believe in? We have more in common than we think. Finding your tribe and sharing ideas is a great way to make sure we’re all moving in the right direction. 

What’s a French Girl Secret that no one knows about? Speaking of finding your tribe, I have  great tip: Use an Amandine-ism in every sentence and you’ll always make your friends laugh. 

What’s an Amandine-ism? I’m in it “for the long howl,” “mind your onions”, and “to kill one pigeon with two stones” are some favorites. There are always new ones coming. 

What does jewelry mean to you? For me, wearing a piece of jewelry is like sharing a point of view, or wearing an armor or a talisman that makes me feel real, powerful, and self confident.  

What do you spend a lot of time thinking about? Making wearable art that moves and inspires its wearers. For me, creating art is just like reaching out to the world and checking that we’re all in it and we’ll take care of each other. We need that more than ever today.

What are you most proud of? 

That we make all our work here in Los Angeles using only sustainable materials and stones.

Amandine has also spent her life creating artists’ books like Voyages (en train), Tempus Fugit, Imaginary Biology-Fauna, and The Bernoulli Equation. Her work is in over 40 private and public collections like Le Centre Pompidou in France, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and the Art Institute of Chicago, among others. She loves the creative energy of L.A. and lives in Silver Lake with four photogenic stray cats. 

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