Bazooka Grooves Presents: The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels

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Congratulations to Olivia Harris!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and keep these wise words in mind:

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CLUE #14- September 2

Neighborhood: Atwater Village


Where villagers can find repast

Is where you’ll find our sultry lass.”


CLUE #13- September 1

Neighborhood: Silver Lake


To make an omelet, you’ll break these

Unless you’re going cholesterol-free.


CLUE #12- August 31

Neighborhood: Venice Beach


“Half bird, half fish, this beloved pub

Could not be shut down–there was too much love.”


CLUE #11- August 30

Neighborhood: Los Feliz


“The smells of CrossFit and coffee combine

Where writers spend creative time”


CLUE #10- August 29

Neighborhood: Echo Park


“Where spirits dwell is where you’ll find

A house for L.A.’s finest minds”


CLUE #9- August 28

Neighborhood: Highland Park


Get a cut, or get a shave

If sharper looks are what you crave


CLUE #8- August 27

Neighborhood: Venice Beach


“Say “high” to what you’re looking for

In this unusual ‘Apple’ store”


CLUE #7- August 26

Neighborhood: Atwater Village


A tasty treat

A pink retreat

And in between

Is where we meet.


CLUE #6- August 25

Neighborhood: Highland Park


Where tasty mouthfuls always start

A joyful feeling in your heart.


CLUE #5- August 24

Neighborhood: Echo Park


“Give a “hey” and a “ho” for this delicious place

Where teas of the world can be sampled for taste”


CLUE #4- August 23

Neighborhood: Los Feliz


“A walk on the wild side” is far too tame

A description for this charming neighborhood hang”


CLUE #3- August 22

Neighborhood: Venice Beach


“A sea shanty and Sloop John B

Make this nautical bar the place to be.”


CLUE #2- August 21

Neighborhood: Atwater Village


“In this spot, you’ll always be

The one Bob Ross is glad to see”


CLUE #1- August 20

Neighborhood: Highland Park


A dash of artsy inspiration

Exalts this York ave. cafe’s station”


Have you ever wanted to shake things up? Are you a rebel at heart? Do you enjoy performing random acts of kindness and weirdness? 

You’re in luck: we’ve created a contest that’s going to help you flex your creative muscles.

For two weeks only, we’re offering fans the chance to explore the city, win prizes, and see their name in lights.

Well, they’ll see their face on a sticker, anyway.


Here’s what you have to do to win:

  1. Follow @bazookagrooves on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Each day, we’ll send out clues to help you find our stickers all over L.A.
  3. If you see them around town, post a photo and tag us.
  4. The follower who finds the most stickers wins.



Be on the lookout for these stickers around town!

Guess where?

The winner will receive:

  • A personalized charm.
  • A Bazooka Grooves T-Shirt
  • Their face on our next sticker campaign as our brand ambassador.

Want it to be you? Keep checking our page for clues and updates. And most importantly, have fun, will ya?


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