Guerrilla Marketing, Our Way.

Some words on a revolution.

If you’ve ever used social media, you already know that screaming into the void is no fun, especially when you have something important to say.

We wanted to find a different way. That’s why, for our latest marketing campaign, we decided to go Guerrilla

Since the dawn of civilization, there have been two distinct ways of getting information across to the masses. The corporate way, and the weird way.

Needless to say, we’re fans of the weird way.

Some hairy goings-on in the art world.

In the mid-’80s, a group of female artists started pointing out all the patriarchal problems with the art world. To get their message across, these women donned gorilla costumes and started protesting the lack of non-sexualized female representation in museums and universities. Their slogan? “Reinventing the F word– feminism!” The Guerrilla Girls, as they came to be known, showed the world how to leverage criticism against huge cultural institutions in a way that was funny, fresh, and bizarre in the way the best guerrilla campaigns are. 

When we decided to launch our guerrilla marketing sticker campaign, we wanted to take inspiration from the best and weirdest examples out there, from the Guerrilla Girls to Banksy to Shepard Fairey’s iconic “obey” series that helped people fight feelings of hopelessness during the Bush era.

Fairey’s work also helped usher in a new era of hope with his President Obama series in 2008.

We stuck our stickers all across Los Angeles as an invitation. For us, it’s not just about likes and followers. We’re putting ourselves out there because we want to be a resource for everybody who’s sick and tired of hearing bad news. 

We are legion.

Our campaign, like Fairey’s, is about hope. Yes, the world is a mess right now. But there are still good people and good things happening around us every day. You’re not alone in your search for optimism. We’re right there with you. Our pieces give strength to people who are struggling to find the hope and heart in this dark world.

That’s why we created our contest. We’re reaching out to the people who matter most to us: those everyday warriors doing it their way, Trump’s America be damned.

We started with Los Angeles, but we want to go even further. Our hope is for people to see our stickers and remember that the resistance is alive and well. And weird. Very weird.

Will you join us?

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