Introducing La Collection Noire

To see Bugatti’s sleek, curvaceous Voiture Noire is to fall in love–or perhaps lust–with the futuristic, panther-like vehicle. We wanted to create something as unforgettable and disturbingly shiny as the Voiture Noire, and we did. Like its namesake, our Collection Noire is only available in a limited edition.


Our LAX earrings in black.

We used black rhodium and oxidized silver to give each item an extra slick finish. The black accents help highlight the dips and curves of some of our sexiest offerings while protecting their shine. To the weird architectural wonders of L.A., a city defined by its cars and freeways, and to the power and depth of the color black itself.


“Black is both glamour and grunge, sin and sophistication.”


Black, as a symbol, can mean many things to many people: it can represent power, fear, strength, and the unknown. It’s elusive, edgy, and independent. When we wear black, we look and feel more striking. Everything unique about us comes into full view. The mystery of our internal lives suddenly feels illuminated by this, the darkest of colors on the spectrum. There’s a reason why: Black isn’t just a color. It’s an experience.


Our Lando ring in black.

So what are you waiting for? Step inside, run your hands across the smooth leather interior, and feel the engine vibrating beneath your feet. But hurry: We’re only making 25 of each piece, so don’t get left in the dust.

Vroom Vroom,


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