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Bazooka Grooves is a jewelry design collaborative endeavor between me (Amandine Nabarra) and Luis Ruiz. We are a duo of artists from distinct backgrounds who have joined forces to synthesize our different ideas into one reality.

Luis is a 3D and animation artist whose style is futuristic, sleek and takes inspiration from horror movies and erotic art. I’m a French-born photographer and designer of artist’s books. Telling stories is my passion.

When Luis started to teach me 3D modeling, my artistic vision exploded. Together we’ve embarked on an amazing collaboration that blends our creative skills to tell stories that people can wear and talk about. We offer unique and original pieces that reflect people’s own personal journey, identity and sense of style. Every piece is born out of our rebellious minds, a quest for social justice (we donate 15% to charity), our love for design and everything sensual.