The Ultimate (and Ruffle-Free) Men’s Style Guide

This Father’s Day, we want to give dads (and the people who live with them) some relief. Here are some rules to give guys a better way to look good, feel great, and maybe even stop wearing that same hole-filled, sweat-stained Champion sweatshirt from the 80s.

We get it. Men’s style can be intimidating.

Not everyone can look like this:

The naked referee look is not for everyone

Truthfully, not everyone should look like this, not just for legal reasons.

In the past few years, men’s fashion has taken a tip from some of the more androgynous, bold runway trends. We see men embracing color more than ever before. We see men start to take risks with Romphimsbolo ties, and shades of pink.

The future is heavily padded.

But guess what? There’s more to being fashionable than wearing stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable. The goal here is to find pieces that you can wear and pair together for years. Fashion, eventually, can be effortless.

If you’re intimidated, confused, or stressed out by men’s fashion, take a deep breath. Here are a few things you can do to up your style game without putting on a ruffly top.

Embrace Patterns

When we think “patterns,” we tend to think of extreme cases. But patterns can be simple, fun, and elegant. Wearing a textured scarf or a patterned button-down isn’t going to make you feel self-conscious. All it’s going to do is make you look like you gave your outfit that little bit of extra thought.

Cheekbones aren’t a fashion requirement, but they do help.

See how much these guys were able to do with a few nice textures and patterns? Just that tiny attention to detail can make such a huge difference.

Learn to Love Jewelry

However you feel about accessories, there’s no denying that they can seriously amp up your look. One signature piece can offset your whole outfit. That doesn’t have to mean getting your ears pierced or rocking a giant piece of bling. Choosing a masculine, understated ring, necklace, or bracelet can bring your whole outfit together without making you sweat.

Embrace pastels, don’t run from them.

Mix Casual with Formal for a Signature Look

Sometimes, looking good is just about knowing how to mix “high” and “low” fashions in a way that doesn’t make you look crazy. It’s mainly about finding the right balance: If you’re not afraid of color, wear that bright coral button down proudly and flash that flamingo-printed shirt with pride. Just make sure to pair your more colorful, fun looks with a sophisticated sweater, robe, or smoking jacket if you’re headed somewhere a bit more upscale.

Fashion doesn’t have to be painful. See how comfy Dev Patel looks?


Work with Your Body Type

Everyone is built differently. For guys, it can be tricky to know exactly how to dress to flatter your body type, height, and build. Here’s one excellent rule of thumb for dressing in a flattering way: Always dress a size up from whatever you think is your size. While butt-hugging skinny jeans and tight polos may be all the rage, picking shirts and pants that give you a bit of extra room will help you feel more confident, be more flattering on your body, and actually be comfortable to wear. Stick to slightly fancier versions of things you’d usually wear to err on the safe side. Just don’t go too big lest you risk looking like a 3-year-old who tried to dress himself for the first time.

This all-black look has just enough detail to be eye-catching. Thanks, accessories!

Have Fun!

If you’re not ready for a nipple window, that’s totally ok.
The most important point in all this? Do you. Only you know what you like, so don’t ever let yourself feel weird or self-conscious about dressing in a style that feels authentic to who you are. Throw out the rulebook if you want to! As long as you have the confidence to wear the hell out of your stuff, the world belongs to you.

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