Three Rings, Three Promises.

A ring is an unbroken circle, much like a promise. We trust these symbols of gold and silver to stand for something: a marriage, a bond, a milestone. But what if a simple ring could be more? What if it could mean more?

Of all our rings, three “orphans” stand out. First, the Spider ring, an ode to one of nature’s most creative and controversial creatures.

The second, the Lando ring, inspired by the iconic Star Wars human smuggler, Lando Calrissian.

The third: the Gun Control ring, a powerful kinetic piece with a message of peace.


The fearless Lando ring in gold.

Creating works of wearable art isn’t always easy. When concepts come that don’t immediately find their shape, the process deepens. How can a ring express the concept of creativity? How can something so material be connected to the world of motion and ideas? At Bazooka Grooves, it feels like second nature.


The spider ring in rose gold.

The pieces we make aren’t your traditional, tiny, delicate fare. They’re pieces you can feel the weight of. They say something, and they’re meant to start conversations. The curved, striking shape of the Lando ring tells a story about its wearer: someone tough, iconoclastic, and unafraid to break the mold.

The quirky design of the spider ring is a reminder that the things we fear the most can often lead us toward unexpected creative breakthroughs. The Gun Control ring, with its spinning peace symbol, helps us believe in a world without gun violence, even if that world seems farther away than ever. 80% of the proceeds of this ring go toward anti-gun violence causes like Stand with Parkland and Gays Against Guns. It’s not enough, because it can never be enough. With this ring, we’re doing what we can to change things, and encouraging other pacifists and artists to do the same.


How can a ring express the idea of creativity? For us, it feels like second nature.


The Gun Control ring in sterling silver.

As we create new pieces to add to our collection, these three rings will continue to stand out. Not just because of what they symbolize, but because of their beauty, their strength, and the power they have to connect us to one another.


If each ring is a promise, these three rings form a covenant of sorts. The fight for a better world isn’t over yet, and we’ll never give up on it. That’s our promise to you.

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